Things I Accomplished in 2011

Here is a list of all the things I accomplished in 2011

I generated enough head mucus to go through 12 boxes of tissue.

I was followed by wheat thins on Twitter.

I became a designer on Emmy award winning network television show with no design experience whatsoever.

I bought a flat Iron.

I saved Arkam City on Xbox.

My plants, and dog survived another year.

I got involved in civil rights… Okay I saw a movie about apartide.

I grew a beard then shaved it, then grew it back and then shaved it again. 

Traveled the world, by world I mean Canada and by traveled I mean visited. 

Successfully fought the temptation of pornography if you don’t count the Internet. 

I watched the entire first season of “Little wonder” 

Taped my second MTV show that the tell me will air in 2012. (like I’m gonna fall for that again) 

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