“The Sitter” Movie Review

“The Sitter”

So today I trekked my half drunk well slept in ass to the incredible movie theatre in San Antonio called the Alamo Draft house.. Why it’s called that?  I don’t remember.  Since there weren’t a lot of options I chose to see the movie “The Sitter”. This is a movie starring the Formally fat Jonah Hill in a movie where he takes a babysitting job and then in a pursuit to get his GF who treats him like shit and is entirely not as hot as the movie wants you to think she is some cocaine so that he can have sex with her.  Because all of this happens while he takes the babysitting job he thinks it’s a good idea to take the kids with him on the drug run and then the shenanigans ensue. The movie is cute and fun at times but it was strange that at times it’s a raunchy comedy and then at other times extremely family-movie-ish. To an audience this is confusing. If I’m seeing a family movie I will put up with corny, crappy, hack jokes that cater to middle aged moms who think its funny when a woman does something a man can’t in a scene. And if I’m seeing a raunchy comedy I will not be surprised when there is an opening scene of Jonah Hill eating a girl out. Side note Jonah Hill is always eating.  But I find it really confusing when the 2 are mixed together. It was like the “Hangover”  meets “RV”.  Hangover being that movie that made Zack Galifinakis mainstream and thus hated by the entire smug hipster prick scene that created him, and RV being the 748th family movie starring Mork from Ork. In conclusion I will say it was a fun movie and at parts very funny. So if you are killing time in a dominantly Hispanic, beautiful, not walking friendly city before your comedy shows I would defiantly go see it. 

Things to be excited about in this movie. 
-Forced Dry Humor
-Bad fathers
-Gay children (Yay finally!!!)
-Sam Rockwell
-Hot Redhead Twins (joke)
-Unfinished plot lines

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