Let’s get deep.

It started as just kissing, then it escalated quickly, I was very turned on and I could tell by the way her body and hands were moving that she was turned on too. I was so nervous and hesitant all while being really turned on. I wasn’t hesitant because I hadn’t done this before, I was hesitant because we were in the back of a taxi cab. I kept thinking “There’s no way this driver can’t hear us or see how quickly this make out is turning into sex literally a foot from him with just some plexiglass between us. Lets rewind for a minute. Having sex in a cab might seem strange or slutty or weird to some people but for me it was eye opening and changed a lot of things for me sexually and socially. I grew up very Unadventurous when it comes to anything sexual. I didn’t lose my virginity till age 21 and even then when I lost it I thought God was gonna smite me for not being married. All of the thoughts that go through your head when you’re about to do something as “crazy” as having sex in a cab are thoughts that we credit as logical or right, but why? Why is being safe and normal and righteous not just considered “boring”? Why is it “slutty” and not “exciting”? When me and this girl (who I did fall in love with later) got out of the cab I was sure that we’d been found out by the cab driver, and that what we did was pretty obvious. But it made me realize not only sexually but socially we should do fun and exciting and crazy things because that’s the secret to happiness. Later when we are old we won’t be telling the story about the time we laid in a bed and had sex, we’ll be telling the story about the crazy fun things we did that others deemed as immoral or wrong. We should treat sex and everything else in our lives as something exciting and go make as many crazy stories and memories as possible. Life and sex wasn’t created to be boring.

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