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January 27th, a true story.

Last night I worked at one of my favorite comedy clubs in the world called Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago. It’s a great club and due to the size, atmosphere, sound and all the other factors comics like to blame other clubs for not having thus being the reason for a bad set, this club […]

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Things I Accomplished in 2011

Here is a list of all the things I accomplished in 2011 I generated enough head mucus to go through 12 boxes of tissue. I was followed by wheat thins on Twitter. I became a designer on Emmy award winning network television show with no design experience whatsoever. I bought a flat Iron. I saved […]

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“The Sitter” Movie Review

“The Sitter” So today I trekked my half drunk well slept in ass to the incredible movie theatre in San Antonio called the Alamo Draft house.. Why it’s called that?  I don’t remember.  Since there weren’t a lot of options I chose to see the movie “The Sitter”. This is a movie starring the Formally […]

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