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Tonight it's time for another episode !!! 10 -9 central on @Nbc @nbcbetterlate #betterlatethennever
Thanks for having me @mtv . I'm still drunk. #vmas #vmas2016
Ain't nobody messing with my click
See you tonight NYC. #vmas #vmas2016
Here's me and @carolleifer at Tokyo Tower with what we believe are two giant penis'

#betterlatethennever @nbcbetterlate
I like to share my blessings with all. Snuck this little bastard in.
This is me practicing wrangling these 4 men through Asia. #betterlatethennever #NBC
The other half of the earlier picture.
#NYC , My relationship with this town is very complicated. I've lived here twice briefly and I've loved this city and hated this city. I seem to never really know my stance on it. It's such a different place then any place in the world, and sometimes different is wonderful and sometimes different is annoying and uncomfortable. This place is pretty great though and I'm happy to be back. Love ya NYC... Well most of the time.