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Upcoming shows


A guy with 4 Super Bowl rings and a guy who ate 4 bowls of fruit loops this morning.
Going into season 2 like. 
‪Watch me on Celebrity @ninjawarrior on May 25th. Me & @MeaganMartin89 have the best ninja chemistry, you'll see.  #RedNoseDay‬
Family photo
This optical illusion makes @meaganmartin89 look short and weird, but I love her. Watch us on May 25th on NBC.
I say ALWAYS meet your heroes. This picture makes me soooo happy but it's only missing squatch. Love these guys. @sonicsgate
Just dudes I like.
Fun show in Silverlake tonight. Eat Yo Veggies!
Taking a break from the road to develop some TV shows and it's been great for local drop ins. 
This week you can see me at
Tuesday - Comedy Magic Club
Wednesday - Improv
Thursday - Eat Yo Veggies show
Friday - Comedy Magic Club
Saturday - Comedy Magic Club