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An oldie but a goodie. #throwbackthursday  #Noh8 #noh8campaign
It all starts tonight in Tampa. Like a backup quarterback you can only see me this weekend! Get your tickets now!  sidesplitterscomedy.com/event.cfm?id=4…
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Seeing Daniel this weekend made my whole week. I knew this guy when he was in Jr High and to see him grown up made me reflect and think about so many old memories.
‪Super excited to return to Tampa this weekend at @SSCCTampa . Get your tickets quick. Come play! http://sidesplitterscomedy.com ‬
Family day is the best day.
My late thanksgiving! So fun.
A quick stop by the ol giggles in Seattle. It's called laughs now but to me it'll always be giggles.
This is in the hall before I did my first tonight show set. It was terrifying , it was exciting , and it was proof that what we do in private is what makes us who we are, it was proof that hard work pays off. It was proof that waking up early and writing is worth it , polishing the material nightly in what ever stage you can get up on is worth it, and after the set I got to look myself in the mirror and say to myself IT WAS WORTH IT.